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Getting to know Dennise . . . 

Background and Introductory Info, both individually and collectively if subject is a group: 

Dennise Nichole Dittman, is an American classical-crossover soprano. 
She was born and raised in Hamilton, Ohio. Growing up with loving and supportive parents, who are rich with a musical background; Dennise had a love of music right from the start! Singing since the age of 3, dressing up and putting on shows in the backyard, in hand sewn creations by her grandmother, who was also her biggest fan. Dennise spent her childhood singing in church and local festivals for the first 15 years of her life. Quite the home-town celebrity, as she sang at the local county fair and River Days for 12 consecutive years. Serving her community by being a soloist for many charity benefits including, The Open Door Pantry, Habitat for Humanity,  Champion 100th Anniversary, Ohio Casuality 50th Anniversary, Lights of Love, and many other good causes. Dennise is independently contracted with local funeral homes to lend her voice, in hopes to give families some sense of comfort through song. While also performing at weddings to unite the beloved.  Music is an integral part of her life. Fulfilling  the need to spread the gospel to the world. For the glory of the Lord. To use her voice for an instrument for her personal Savior, Jesus Christ. 

 In her spare time, performing at retirement communities has brought her great joy! After serenading the residents, it's always special to Miss Dittman, to visit and share quality time with these beautiful people. To hear their stories and let them know they're not alone. To spread a little sunshine to them even for just a moment fulfills her life. "There is nothing more touching to know that you brightened someone's day, seeing the twinkle in their eye, and reminding them of good memories with a special song. Letting each and every one of them know they are important." 

In 1996, she made a debut performance as "The Reverend Mother" in Rodgers and Hammerstein's "The Sound of Music." Which has been her favorite musical since childhood. She memorized the entire score at an early age, and has fond memories of riding her bicycle through the neighborhood while singing, "THE HILLS ARE ALIVE WITH THE SOUND OF MUSIC."The neighbors noticed right away that it wasn't your average nursery rhyme and she would grow up to be a singer. In 2004, She made her debut role as "The Mother"in "Ahmal and The Night Visitors" by Gian Carlo Menotti. Dennise studied the 

 lirico-spinto/dramatic soprano repertoire and has participated in The Metropolitan Opera Auditions in Cincinnati, Ohio, Lexington, Kentucky, and Boston Massachusetts. While spending the past 16 years pursuing a career in Opera, Dennise has given over 15-20 recitals and opera concerts. She has sung in many languages including, English, Latin, Italian, German, French, and Czech. With a diverse love of music, she enjoys singing opera arias, lieder, hymns ,musical theatre, country, gospel, standards, jazz, ballads, as well as popular music! 

 "Her warm rich soprano voice will envelope you on a musical journey. 
With high notes that will soar to the heavens and a velvety low register that will give you a peaceful calm." 

In 2012, Dennise joined Mansion Entertainment/Pathway records and completed her 
debut recording and the first single release, " The Power Of His Love"Dennise is currently pursuing her Christian music ministry, and is available to perform at your church, event, charity fundraiser, and/orconcerts/recital. She is currently writing and looking for those heartfelt songs that tell stories of faith and devotion. With the desire to share them at concerts and move people to devote their life to Christ. 

As an Independent Artist... In May of 2015, Dennise has released a brand new CD. With 10 original songs that are carefully handpicked (and pitched) to her by friends and collegues in the Country Christian Gospel world. "My prayer is that I can bless you through these songs of faith and hope, touch your heart, and bring your closer to Jesus",says Miss Dittman. Dennise performed in 4 showcases at The Gospel Music Fan Fair, located in Somerset, Kentucky and met many new fans and Christian friends to last a lifetime. In August, she plans to attend and perform at the ICGMA (International Country Gopel Music Association) and looks forward to meeting new fans from across the United States. 

"It's always a blessing to meet people with a similar heart",says Dittman. 

Miss Dittman's wish is to remain humble and down to earth by donating her time to many worthy causes around the community and by pitching in to give benefit concerts for the homeless and respite centers in urban Cincinnati. Also supporting local food pantries and giving concerts (in lieu of selling tickets, asking for donations) to help those in need. With an open heart she doesn't hesitate to lend a hand any way she can, says one local volunteer at the pantry... 

"You can tell she is sincere and truly wants to make a difference in lives of others." 

Dennise has an emotional attachment to animals, and reaches out into her community 
to help forgotten furbabies.  It has always been a dream to be able to help fund a rescue to help abandoned cats and dogs find their forever homes! While also supporting wildlife and all animals of the world near and far. A house wouldn't be a home without a few pets! Her home is complete with her cats and her beautiful Cocker Spaniel, Sophia. 

Now Available for booking: 

Brief history and influences (background experience in music/ministry that contributed to where you are today, how artist or group got started, etc) 

My starting point was putting on shows in my gramma's back yard at the age of 3, and loved singing solos at my church. Through-out school I began singing at retirement homes and out in my community for local events. After high school, I pursued a career in classical music, singing opera and oratorio music for 16 years and participated in The Metropolitan Opera Auditions and many regional opera productions/opera concerts, and recitals. After much deliberation, and lots of prayer, I decided to embark on my Christian Music Ministry and sing for the Lord, while bringing others closer to Jesus through song. 

Career highlights and most memorable moments 

 Everytime I get the chance to sing and bring people to the feet of Jesus with a song, is a highlight in my life. As far as career highlights, I was cast and made my debut as The Rev. Mother in The Sound of Music and was able to sing one of my most favorite song, "Climb Every Mountain." Also making my debut as "The Mother" in the Christmas Opera "Ahmal and The Night Visitors" (the only woman character in the opera, I might add) Most Memorable moments would have to be when I do a yearly "Give-Back Concert Series" in November/December collaborating with other artist friends. Selecting a worthy cause … (food pantry, helping the homeless, or having a toy drive for underprivileged children or terminally ill children, in hopes to bring them smiles and let them feel happy and normal for a little while. I want to use my talents that the GOOD LORD gave me to do something good in this world. That to me, is most memorable. Knowing that I could contribute makes my heart smile. 

Challenges and rewards of career/ministry (individually or collectively) 

Having a music ministry does have it's challenges and rewards. The only thing that I would say would be a challenge, is the fact that bookings might not always be so accessible and sometimes it's not so easy to get someone to take a chance on you. When you do get the opportunity to minister music, it's so rewarding... to see people's faces light up, and even sing along with you. Singing of stories of Jesus and Knowing that you made a difference, even for a little while. Is very rewarding... 

Awards, accolades and accomplishments (including successful radio songs or chart hits) 

Phyllis Sippel Memorial Scholarship, Most Musically Talented award, The Metropolitan Opera Auditions, Performed in La Boheme, Carmen,Tosca, and Pagliacci at regional Opera Houses, Debut as the Rev. Mother in"The Sound of Music" several Christian Voice and Cashbox Christian Country charting songs, "God Has No Walls", "Let it Fall", and my longest charting song "There He Is" that has been on the charts for 27 months! 

Promote lastest single and/or recording and speak of any other career related involvement such as if an artist hosts a TV program, pastors a church, promotes concerts, etc 

My singles "There He Is" and "Entertaining Angels, Unaware" are currently out to radio. Please call and request them, I'd appreciate it very much!  I'm also available for booking, visit or call 513-560-6715 to book an event! Church Worship Services, Homecomings, Revivals, Festivals, Women's Ministry Events, Concerts, Weddings, and much more! 

My fiancee and I are starting up a promotions company called "Queen City Music Promotions." We have a local partnership with Heaven Sent in Hamilton, Ohio, and will be having a monthly Gospel Music Concert Series called "The Boundless Love Music Showcase" the first Friday of every month. Usually myself performing, with another gospel group/solo act. If interested in performing, please contact Queen City Music Promotions on FB! 

 Testimonies (collectively or individually) 

I have no emotional story to tell," "There has been no one significant ‚Äėturn-around‚Äô time in my life when I have been totally desperate and someone told me about Jesus.¬†

It’s much more simple. I was born and raised in a house of The Lord, as were my parents. I was blessed with a family that introduced me to Jesus when I was just a baby. My gramma loved the Lord with all of her heart and instilled in me, everything that I know about Jesus. A Sunday school teacher for 40 years, and an active member of her church family. 

When I was a little girl, she lost her sight and wasn't able to do the one thing that she loved the most, and that was read her bible. I would read to her and we would have the most in depth bible studies you could imagine. I knew right from the start, that I wanted to be just like her, the kind of woman that the Lord my God would be proud of. 

I grew up singing in a small country church and putting on shows in my backyard. I dreamt of singing at the Grand Ole Opry, on broadway or being an opera singer at the MET. After pursuing a career in Opera, experiencing 16 years of intense rehearsals and seeing the not so pretty side of the music world... My love of singing that always gave me such warmth and joy started to become a feeling of work, and left me feeling cold, mechanical and just empty. I was going through the motions, trying to put the language, expression, technical ability, and acting together. It was a puzzle that just never fit. I started feeling more and more sad and alone. You see, the feeling of singing at church gave me purpose that I never understood, until I experienced the turmoil of the secular music world that never appreciated me. In that dark world, my music was never good enough, I was never good enough, I took up too much spotlight, and people didn't want to be your friend. (In fear of you stealing their role in the show/opera) 

This was a rude awakening, because with my upbringing, I was never exposed to those harsh realities that I never knew existed. 

That's when I started to pursue my ministry. To sing for a purpose. To let it be known that Jesus Christ is my personal Savior, and I want to sing for his glory all of the days of my life. His songs are stored inside my heart and I have never been happier in my life and that's why I am here to share this with you. To share the Good News and to share stories of Jesus through song. In hopes to touch your heart and fill you with all of the joy you could imagine. 

Spiritual or inspirational moments (could be a sermon you heard, a song, a vivid experience with God, a life lesson learned, etc) that could be shared to encourage or inspire 

I am delighted to have this opportunity to share with you the good news. 

My text comes from: Hebrews 13:1-2 "Let brotherly love continue. 

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: 

for thereby some have entertained angels unawares." 

As I reflect on the meaning of this scripture, I am reminded of the many times in my life when a mere stranger offered a helping hand or a kind word. Most times, it was during some of my darkest hours. I've noticed it off and on in my life, but especially these past few months that I've needed it the most. With the loss of my father and grandmother, (passing away only 1 day apart) I have had to pray for continuous strength during this difficult time and remind me that I'm never alone. Whether on the street with every smile that passes by, an unexpected phone call from a friend, or a stranger in the check out line at the grocery store. I always wondered how they knew that I needed to be uplifted, and how they knew exactly what I needed to hear at that given moment. You could almost feel "a breath from heaven" because after visiting with this so-called stranger, you felt a little sigh of relief, or a giant weight being lifted. That maybe this wasn't just a coincidence. Maybe it wasn't just a stranger standing there, but the one the Lord sent to you! We must be very thoughtful how we treat one another. Strangers or otherwise. We often pray and ask God for help, we may not get the answer we expect or want. Therefore, missing out on God's blessing that he intended for us. 

If we could only pray, trust and obey, we could be richly blessed with his promises. 

You may never know who's life you affect, 

So always be prepared to give hope to someone in need. "Let brotherly love continue." 

Think of it often and never forget Christian Charity is hospitality to strangers! 

True hospitality requires generosity and a big heart. 

It's giving in such a way in which very few want to give, It requires loving your fellow neighbor, and most important: It requires the Love of God which is the greatest of all commandments; and the second commandment, love your neighbor as yourself. 

As you go about your day today and always, I pray you might have an open-mind and 

open-heart. My prayer for you is to let all of those angels (messengers) that God has sent you; lend you a hand when you least expect it. Invisible or in disguise. 

 Don't overlook the little things, or someone who needs your care 

you just might be entertaining angels unaware. 

You can hear Dennise sing "Entertaining Angels, Unaware" on itunes, cdbaby, amazon, or 

Commentary about cultural, social, moral and spiritual issues from a Christian perspective that may be relevant to your career or your audience? 

I hope my music reaches people of all ages, sex, race, and creed. I pray that it will touch hearts, and inspire this world; while praising God from whom all blessings flow. I was bullied as a child, and my heart goes out to the children out there that might be going through the same experiences. It is a big problem, that's talked about more now more than when I was a child. I hope that I can be an example to them and a role model. As Christians we should be at the top of the anti-bullying campaigns. In Mark 12:31 It says to love our neighbor as ourselves. The second greatest commandment.  When it comes to bullies, what would Jesus do? Stand up to them. Defend the bullied. Communicate that they are precious, valued, and loved. 

 Mission and goals of artist/group, and what can a fan expect at a typical concert/event with the artist? 

My mission and goals for my ministry, would be to make this world a better place even if it's only for an hour at my concert. For that one hour, to make them forget about all of their troubles and anxieties. To take them on a ride and tell them stories of  faith, hope, and love. To remind them that they're never alone. That with Christ, everything and anything is possible. To make each and every person that is attending a concert of mine feel all of the love, hope, happiness and all of those good things all wrapped up into one, and take them on an emotional journey. Sharing the good news and the love of Christ with every note...

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