Music is an integeral part of ministering to the elderly in nursing homes. I have found that music has a way of lifting their hearts and their spirits, and seems to reach even the most distant souls. Many residents have grown up in the church, and will identify with songs from their generation, both religious and secular. At times they sing along even though they may have trouble with ordinary conversation. 

 Singing at retirement communities has brought me great joy! After serenading the residents, it's always special to visit and share quality time with these beautiful people. To hear their stories and let them know they're not alone. 

To spread a little sunshine to them even for just a moment fulfills her life.

 "There is nothing more touching to know that you brightened someone's day, seeing the twinkle in their eye, and reminding them of good memories with a special song. Letting each and every one of them know they are important."